J-OCTA Student Edition

The J-OCTA Student Edition is a free software that consists of the basic functions from the J-OCTA advanced simulation system. This software is useful for small calculations and validation, and it can be used for free without any license application and/or registration. The J-OCTA Student Edition is useful as both an atomistic molecular modeling tool for J-OCTA simulation and as a support tool for your analysis. You can also use it to evaluate the capability of J-OCTA as a provisional test prior to the formal introduction.

Terms of use

Available functions: all-atom / Coarse Grained (Bead-Spring) modeling for MD simulation, evaluation of the simulation result, and estimation of the phase separation structure and interface geometry via the mean field method and the dissipative particle dynamics. MD calculation from the result of the mean field method simulation is also available.
* MD calculation supports COGNAC and LAMMPS.

Available modelers

Monomer modeler, polymer modeler, DPD modeler, SUSHI modeler
* Some of these modelers may have functional limit such as the maximum number of force fields, particles, and segments.

Available period

Refer Limitation in J-OCTA Student Edition Page on OCTA-BBS.
* JSOL will provide the updated module with an extended license period before the current license expires.

Number of times program can start

Max. 100 times. (If more is needed, please contact us.)

License types


Supported platforms

Please see here

User support service

JSOL user support service does not cover the J-OCTA Student Edition.
Any technical support including the operation of the J-OCTA Student Edition and the technical consultations are not provided.

Software Download

J-OCTA Student Edition downloading is available on the OCTA-BBS.

  • Requirement:
  • - J-OCTA requires OCTA (free).
  • - SUSHI and LAMMPS MPI version requires MPICH2 (free).

How to software download

  • 1. Visit OCTA-BBS (
  • 2. Download OCTA : OCTA-BBS > Top
  • 3. Download J-OCTA Student Edition : OCTA-BBS > Login > "Download J-OCTA Student Edition"
  • Note:Pre-registration is required to use OCTA-BBS. Registration


Please contact our local channel partners directory or JSOL to purchase J-OCTA, or to extend the period for the J-OCTA Student Edition.

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