J-OCTA User Support

About J-OCTA

J-OCTA provides the online support includes a software downloading etc. for the J-OCTA users with J-OCTA Support service contract.
We also support a launching on the initial stage of J-OCTA introduction.

User's Site

J-OCTA User's Support site provides 3 categories mainly. There are FAQ, Downloading for the latest J-OCTA modules and Technical Information include proceedings of J-OCTA User's Conference.

Note: Need an ID and Password to use this site. If you have any questions about the ID, please inquiry to JSOL Corporation

Users Conference

We hold the J-OCTA Users Conference for J-OCTA users once a year to exchange a technical information.

In conference, we have several lecture from the leading person of the material properties simulation field with J-OCTA in the laboratory of university or corporate. Also the latest function and the road map of J-OCTA are announced from J-OCTA development team.

Past J-OCTA Users Conference

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